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Fixed head and thermostatic valve but another plumber told me there not suitable.i want to avoid electric showers and have heard ones using pumps are not that great as the pump often leaks

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I dont understand what is not suitable,but , you can have a fixed head with a termostatic valve . I asumme he meant that the flow is not enough to give you a good shower ,so a pump is required unless you already have a combi boiler, if so then it will be fine ,as for pumps leaking ,if there was a problem do you think manufacturers would still be making them, i am sure there have been instances of leaks , but it also hppens with showers, baths,tanks ,boilers .etc,etc,etc,

Answered 16th Dec 2011

sovereign plumbing and heating

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It depends on water pressure. A thermo valve with a fixed head will work on a gravity system (it all a question of how well). Combining with a booster pump is a good idea but make sure the pump is not too powerful for your tank size. It needs a bit of working out. A pump fitted properly should not leak.


Answered 16th Dec 2011

Briner & Sons Ltd

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fixed head and thermostatic showers are normal and work fine.the only time pumps leak is if they are not fitted correctly.i would suggest using a reputable plumber who will advise ,but i see no problem with what you are asking for .regards

Answered 17th Dec 2011

crest installations and maintenance services

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I have installed many thermostatic mixer showers with pumps to improve water pressure.

I would get another plumber around or have a read on line.


Concept building services

Answered 17th Dec 2011

Concept building services

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