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I am looking to insulate and sound proof some walls in an terrace house. is it possible to use gyprock insulating plasterboards onto existing plastered walls using green glue?

If this is possible is okay to use in bathrooms? Also what is a good solution to insulating/soundproofing a bathroom floor?

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Are the walls external walls or internal walls ?? Are they dabbed allready or stud walls with Tacked boards on ?? useing isulating boards you will loose quite a bit of space if doing all the walls if it is just sound that your after reducing then on stud walls over tack with 15mm soundblock ( Blue) either side and skim or tape and Joint if external walls overboard 15mm soundblock dot and dab Ive never heard of green glue if its gitfill then in time it will fall away causeing you all sorts of problems bathroom walls need Moisture Board on them (green) as for the floor havent got any ideas on that im afraid


Answered 16th Dec 2011

Hello, unfortunately, no.. - for sound acoustic insulation, you would need a stud frame set off from the wall, with min gap 20mm. (this creates the acoustic 'barrier' ) then 2 x staggerd acoustic board (or standard 12.5 mm gyproc) There is much talk of 'green glue' straight on boards', but dot and dab boards do NOT provide proper sound insulation. thankyou. (you can also thermal insulate obviously within a stud system). G-TEC


Answered 16th Dec 2011

hi you would normally use a stud frame and use the sound proofing plaster board, some plasters do dot and dab the board straight on top of exsisting walls do, ive never heard of green glue though so dont know much about that stuff


Answered 8th Jan 2012

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