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Clay roof tiles crumbling?

We bought a house about 4 months ago and had viewed the attic previously when we were buying. We went up into the attic yesterday & noticed a white/grey fluffy appearance on the clay tiles? The clay tiles visually appear very different to comparative new ones

As the house is 1930s, there is no felt lining so you can see the clay tiles forming the roof. Does anyone know the cause of the issue & what should be done about it? Is it a major problem that should be rectified immediately?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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unfortunately like everything else in life eventually it comes to an end this is your tiles slowly denigrating which may or may not be the whole or only part of the roof without looking its impossible to say, its now time to replace them either all or at least the ones that are damaged , the fact their is no lining does not mean it will leak but as the tiles break up they allow water ingress into the property,
your best bet is post the job on the site and get a local expert round to asses the issue.

good luck alex


Answered 16th Oct 2017

It's called shayling your roof tiles have run there natural life course over years and weather elements i.e. Frost ,snow ,damp lay in between the tiles holding moisture and slowly eats away at your tiles .some more than others depending on bond you will find you get up to replace the few that are visible and the ones next to them that look visually ok are just as bad and will break off in your hand advice get a decent roofer to inspect but I think possibley ran there life course


Answered 17th Oct 2017

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