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I have discovered 2 cracks in my shower cubicle floor. its plastic. is it possible to repair or do i need to change the base? what kind of cost would i be looking at to change the base?

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Hi, it is possable to repair acrylic, but i wouldnt do a shower tray because of the constant stress on the tray.
Replacing is the only answer, but cost depends on a couple of factors.
Firstly the tiling may need to be stripped up by a couple of rows to get the tray out, do you have replacement tiles if they cant be saved.
Secondly is it a common size, measure the tray and check online to get a replacement cost of the tray alone.
This is a 1 day job maximum for most plumbers and labour wouldnt be more than £150 all in.
If replacing the tray and ordering a new one make sure you get one that has the plug hole either in a corner or in the middle of a straight edge etc.

Hope that helps.

Answered 15th Dec 2011


Member since 31 Jul 2009


Probably not what you want to hear but generally plastic trays are not repairable. It is
possible that if the tray is fibreglass you could cobble together something with a kit
from Halfords but it will probably look disastrous and almost certainly will not last.

When replacing shower trays it is usual to break at least the bottom row of tiles in order to get the tray out. If the tiles have a backing of ply, as they should, it should no be a major problem. Sadly, most modern builders make a stud partition cubicle and fix the tiles to plasterboard, so invariably when you bust the lower layer of tiles they are stuck to plasterboard at the back and when you get them out you have nothing to stick the new tiles to. Tricky.
A new tray is around £40 to £100 depending on quality. Fixing it will be £100 ish if you have plywood but considerably more if you have plasterboard.
Give me a call if I can be of further help.



Answered 15th Dec 2011

photofinish contracts

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You will need to get the tray replaced , I would recommend a stone one. You could seal the cracks with silicone as a temporary solution.

Answered 15th Dec 2011

MGF Plumbing & Heating

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Depends how big the base is and the style you need, will the tiles stay the same
working on a 750x750 basic shower tray around 200-500 fitted inc encloser

Answered 15th Dec 2011

Cleverley Builders

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art-deco complete bathrooms. A resin cast shower base is best there is less movement when installed. price would depend on size of base to be replaced.

Answered 16th Dec 2011


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Depends on what size shower base you have as to how much it will cost because it will need replacing.

Answered 15th Dec 2011

Smc Plumbing and Heating

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You can repair it it just depends how big the cracks are you need to use an acrylic bath repair kit it might be cheaper to change the tray for a new one it all depends on the size of the cracks



Answered 16th Dec 2011


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I would replace with a cast stone one aswell as I have had a few jobs regarding shower gel bottles dropped on these new thin shower trays and crack or chip them.


Concept building services

Answered 15th Dec 2011

Concept building services

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Be best to change it to a resin base to be honest. They are only cheep and fairly simple to change. Hope this helps

Answered 15th Dec 2011


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No need to change the base, just go to your local diy store and ask for an enamel repair kit, this is very easy to apply to the cracks :) Neon Builders Ltd

Answered 16th Dec 2011

Neon Builders Ltd

Member since 23 Nov 2011

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