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Insulating a semi-detached

I live in a semi-detached house, how will the installers stop insulation going into my neighbour's cavity?

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A cavity brush will be used. They will drill a hole at the top and bottom of wall, they will feed a chain down and attached the cavity brush. Once the chain has been fished out from the bottom hole they can start pulling the cavity brush down. This will close off the cavity stopping any material passing into your neighbours cavity. I Have worked as a cavity wall technician.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

They use a type of concertina ladder that when dropped down the cavity it opens up and stops the penetration to the next door property.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

the cavity between yours and next door should be a closed cavity anyway so there wont be any problem with your insulation going in to your next door neighbours


Answered 17th Feb 2011

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