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Digger needed for small drive?

Thinking of getting a small area of the drive block paved/ gravelled. is it necessary to get a digger or it can be dug out by hand to prepare the ground?

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As a contractor it’s Easer to use a digger but depends on space and it saves on time witch will get the job done quicker
Other wise they could charge u labour for digging out by hand


Answered 13th Oct 2017

Digger or by hand wont make much difference, more of a case of time saving.


Answered 13th Oct 2017

If it's only a small area it can be done by hand or digger ( if there is access for one ) the main thing is that enough is dug out to lay sufficient base, or else the job will look good for a while and then start sinking.
Kev .


Answered 29th Nov 2017

Hi,if you feel that you can dig by hand ,have a go a digger is time saving ,and expense.
You need to go deep enough for a good subase if you want a long lasting job.


Answered 8th Dec 2017

We have found that digging by hand costs more than hiring a man and digger.


Answered 10th Dec 2018

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