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Seal keeps going mouldy in my bath tub, any way to prevent this from happening?

The original layer of silicone on my bath tub went mouldy and I removed it and added another layer. This new seal has now started to go the same way.

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replace with silicone that is anti mold proof


Answered 14th Dec 2011

Mould resistant bathroom silicone is your best bet...

It's not cheap but works.


Answered 14th Dec 2011

dont use cheap silicone. try forever white or a good BAL or MAPEI one.Ask if it contains microban


Answered 16th Dec 2011

Hi, try Dow Gorning,a bit expensive but will provide you with a lot of benefits and stay white and mould free forever,guaranteed.
Kind regards
Chris spence


Answered 21st Dec 2011

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