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Insurance for roofing work

I have posted before about a roofing membrane being full of holes. I talked to the roofer today and he is now packing up and leaving as he says that holes in the membrane are normal and just happen when you walk on it.
It turns out that he hasn't got an insurance backed guarantee, either. Looking around other recommended roofers I realized none of them offer that kind of guarantee as it is too expensive. Having seen what can happen with bad building work I am wary now about getting any new roofer in. They do all offer a guarantee over their company but what if they stop working? Is there any kind of extra insurance (like an indemnity insurance) I could take out for the roof? Could the roofer not do sth similar for specific roofs? My roof will have zinc dormers and slate on the rest - all has gone through planning, surely there's sth that could be done in terms of insuring the work?

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Good riddance to bad workman I say, if it is a quality membrane and not some cheap rubbish it is extremely difficult to put a whole in it, it is how ever easy to put holes in it if you don't give a dam about your workmanship,as far as guarantees are concerned they are only as good as the person issuing them and nobody insures against bad workmanship unfortunally.

Good luck Alex


Answered 12th Oct 2017

If you have a brand new roof you should get 10 year guarante well we give them on all are roofs depending on what type of roof we can be confident that it will last longer than are guarante doing the job the right way is the guarante


Answered 14th Oct 2017

If you Had a new roof you should not have holes in the underfell not very good workmanship to leave holes in underfelt guaranteed is only as good as the Builder what is doing the job if they've been around a long time that stands for a lot


Answered 19th Oct 2017

Since the PPI scandal no one other than the client can obtain indemnity Insurance. The cost is generally 8% - 10% of the project price and only aviailable through a qualified broker.

We are approved contractors offering 20 year transferable warranties. The manufacturer covers the materials and we cover the labour, in the event one or both businesses fold then that element of the warranty becomes invalid. Doesn't sound great but hounesty is invaluable. The principle is the materials have a tested life expectancy of over 30 years and the contractors are trained to a very high standard and reviewed regularly.


Answered 20th Oct 2017

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