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Split tyvec membrane - repairable ?

I am having my roof redone and the interior is being refurbished, too.
It turns out that my roofer is very slow and holding up all the other trade. Unfortunately I had a look around the roof today and found multiple holes all over the brand new tyvek! Getting him to redo the whole roof will make me loose my other tradesman - even though I feel he ought to redo it.
But is there another solution? Could those tears be fixed with tyvek tape? Does it work well enough?
The tiles should go on more or less now so I have to make a fast decision!
Thanks for your advice.

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Hi, I haven't used the tape but I know people that do, me personally if there's a hole (accidents do happen) we put more felt over the top of it and under the next piece of felt. Roofers preference I guess. But to me sounds like you need to bite the bullet and get another roofer.


Answered 9th Oct 2017

sorry but as kemms says the only correct way to seal a hole is to redo it,

its your choice but if it was me I would be finding some one else to redo my roof it only takes one hole in your new roof to wreck your interior decorations

good luck alex


Answered 9th Oct 2017

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