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Sagging roof problem

Sagging roof problem - Old (250+) terraced building which had slate tiles replaced by concrete and 3 dormers put in- long time ago- without considering the big increase in load. Purlin and rafters issue. Also extensive woodworm. Desperate to get some idea of cost (1) to open it up (2) strip roof (3) replace or add support to purlin or where-ever needed.
Searching for roofer to do inspection!

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I would urge you to get a structural Enginner to investigate your concerns, if it's as bad as you describe then there is a possibility the roof structure could fail and collapse on top of you. You will have to open the structure for the Enginner to view the critical parts of the roof. You won't know how much the repairs will cost untill you get the recommendations from the Enginner .


Answered 16th Mar 2011

It sounds that you have got much heavier tiles on the roof, not designed to take the extra weight.
Also as you say dormers have been added then obviously the existing timbers have not been beefed up.
You need a good builder and structural engineer to assess and advise what needs doing.
Until this has been done costs will not be known.


Answered 17th Mar 2011

you need to get accros fitted as soon as poss a good roofer or builder will know were to put them to carry the weight untill you get someone to carry the work out the dormer who ever fitted must not of put steel in to carry the weight or it as been built structuraly wrong if it is as bad as you say get someone out ASAP if your roof is saging you will find your walls are also going to move as the roof pushing down makes your walls move out and you will not get any warning when it falls, mybuilder will get someone out to you if thay are like me thay will not charge to take a look ,and you need to think of the safty of your family and your self and also the homes near you Please get someone out ASAP If you have wood worm as well best to have it striped and renewd if it as bad as you say


Answered 20th Mar 2011

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