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Cancelling a building contract

I am currently in a contract with a building company who offer a 0% deal on a build for 12 months, they have the finance (in our name) but have not yet started the project. Due to concerns about the company and the fact they subcontracted the entire build to a smaller firm without our knowledge we are considering cancelling the contract. The small firm they appointed to build the sunroom are refusing to do the work due to a dispute with the larger firm and have informed us that the fact they are using our loan as a deposit isn't the norm and may in fact be illegal, is this true?

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this really need a solicitor to go over your contract and see whats in the small print as this could potentially be very costly to you. to pull out or continue a think you may be between a rock and a hard place.

good luck Alex


Answered 9th Oct 2017

Dear Liam
I am really sorry to hear about your situation. Please read the cancellation or termination clause within your contract agreement with the main company .

There is no fault if the main company subcontracted your job to a third party or they will do it by their Owen team that is normal in the large companies however all the responsibility of the project still under the main contractor(The large company)

Please do NOT listen to the small firm as they are wrong for what they said and want to damage the reputation of the large firm for the dispute between them to get a revenge

The conclusion ( Your contract with the large firm so contact this firm directely and do NOT listen to any small firm)

My advice for you is asking for evaluation contract which is mean the amount of work get evaluated against the payment installment

All the best
Smiley Building Services


Answered 11th Oct 2017

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