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QuestionAre dry ridge roof tiles any good?

Mine lasted less than 3 months!

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Dry ridge tiles are fine if fitted correctly, what exactly has happened for them to last only 3 months.


they are if fitted correctly,
a lot ao the new builds are having dry verge and roof tile system fitted without any problems.
post your job on the roofing section of the site and get a local expert to do the job properly.

best of luck alex


Yes if fitted correctly once fitted you have piece of mind that you will not have to worry about maintenance ie if ridge are beded on mortar you will at some stage in the future need to remove ridge clean of old mortar and re-bed and point although if a correct mix is used you should have to do this for a while all depends on the weather ie ware n tare .hope this answers your question .

ROOFHOME 14th Dec, 2011

dry ridge are proven to be a very good system,but as it requires a screw fixing through the ridge with a rubber washer to keep out the weather-i would always go for the old school ridging- thats just me tho!

freeman leadcraft/roofing 13th Dec, 2011

Hi, if fitted properly, yes. I personally think good old sand+cement look better. Dry verge allways seem "unfinished" to look at, in my opinion that is!


domestic roofingandbuilding 14th Dec, 2011

I only use mechanically fixed when specified as I think they look cheap on a traditional roof, but If they havent lasted it due to a bad tradesman as the NHBC specify them on 99% of new builds I do.

Sky Blue Roofing 14th Dec, 2011

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