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Loud strong flush

Initially problem began when I turned cold tap on in kitchen and the toilet flushed. It continued yo empty so I had to turn the isolation screw yo swith water off after each flush. Plumber fixed that but filling up the cistern now is very loud and so much pressure that I've had to turn the screw down to a quarter turn. Also when the water stops there is quite a loud thud. My concern is something in the pipe system is not working as it should and at some point I will have a problem with a leak somewhere. Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou

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Sounds to me like the toilet is being fed under mains pressure and when the plumber replaced the filler on the toilet (im guessing that was the repair job he did) he removed the high pressure collet that goes inside the filler. New fillers can make a loud clunk when they stop filling. Doeant sound like there is anything to worry about. But it may help to put the high pressure collet back in the filler.


Answered 9th Oct 2017

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