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I am having a dormer built on my semi house, the builder has put 18mm plywood on the bedrooms floors, will this cause me a problem in the long run or do i need to demand to have floorboards put in?

we have builder in our house building our loft,
it feels like he is using cheep materials to save on costs for himself. he has put 18mm plywood on top of the joist as floorboards. when we asked him why he has not put floorboards on he said he has always used ply sheets in attic bedrooms and dormers. i am not sure if this is something we need to tell him to change, to floorboards or not. plz help
tanks safoora

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nothing wrong with 18mm ply as long as its screwed down ok ,if you wanted floorboards you should have asked him to price for this in advance ,

Answered 13th Dec 2011


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Did you have a copy of the specifications, and what was specified.

Answered 13th Dec 2011


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Sounds a bit ify to me.
Ply wood boards don't have a tounge and groove on so wont lock together like floor boards or chip board flooring.
Where the joints meet they will creak.
Get him to take it up and do the job correctly

Answered 13th Dec 2011

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Hi Safoora,
It's quite common to put 18 or 22mm chipboard down as the flooring in the loft instead of tongue and groove floorboards. It is cheaper and quicker to install and if you intend to cover the floor with carpet then there's no point in paying more for floorboards. One downside to chipboard is that it makes it more difficult to get access to cables and pipes for maintenance.

Chipboard can also start creaking under foot over time so he'll need to ensure that he's glued along the joints and screwed (not nailed) the boards to the joists. Also ensure that there's some kind of mineral wool between the joists to reduce sound transmission. Hope this helps.


Answered 14th Dec 2011

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Nothing wrong with ply.My last house was a fairly new build and had this.No problems at all.With regards to floorboards,if you mean the tongue and groove chipboard (most commonly used) the ply is probably more expensive so hes not really saving money if thats what bothers you.On the bright side,if this floor ever needs to come up it will be much easier than glued and screwed tongue and groove so it will work in your favour.If you mean proper floorboards then you will need to check what the builder allowed for in his quote.These things can normally be resolved in a way that suits both parties by sitting down with the quote.If he allowed for ply and you are adamant you want floorboards,he could give you a price to change it.

Answered 14th Dec 2011

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