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Replacing old drive and adding an aco drain to existing gutter drains

I have a contractor replacing my drive from Tarmac to block paving. There are already two existing drains , which manage gutter drainage from the house to a soil drain. He is going to add a ACO drain across the front of the garage door and direct it into the afore mentioned gutter drains. Is this ok, I now know about the 2008 law but I am unsure if this practice is ok. I'm lacking confidence in my contractor, he does not seem to have put the correct foundation in, now he wants to install the drainage then start lying blocks and put the boot curbs in last, just seems a**e about face.

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If you are referring to the SUDS drainage lawns. This means any water falling on a front garden should remain on the front garden.

If the drive slopes towards the road then you either need to instal permeable paving or drain channels fed into a soak-a-way or the drive should be directed into flower beds or lawn. The soak-a-way should be 5m from the house. You are allowed to install an overflow from the soak-a-way back into a rain water outlet.

If the drive slopes towards the house you should not use permeable paving but drain channels again fed into a soak-a-way. If it is not possible to install a soak-a-way i.e. not enough distance from the building then you are left we no alternative but to direct the water into the drains. You normally need planning permission for this but most councils don't chase this up.

As to the kerbs they should be installed first on concrete and haunched. For the driveway. This should be excavated to a depth of at least 230mm below finished level followed by laying a geotextile membrane. Type 1 stone should then be laid in two layers with each layer compacted. If using block paving then this should be laid on a 25 to 30mm bed of compacted sharp sand or grit. If tarmac is being laid we normally recommend a two layer system with 50mm of base coat and 25mm of a top wearing course. Some companies only lay a top coat and if so this should be 60mm deep.


Answered 8th Oct 2017

Hi, any aco drainage should be taken straight into a service drain, not into a rain water gulley, and also when taken into main service drain should also be flowing with the water already in the service drain, as for putting the kerbs in after the paving, we have always put all edge restraints in on a semi dry bed of concrete at 150mm deep on top of the subase they should be allowed to set before Laying membrane and then screeding and compacting sand followed by screeding again then laying blocks. Hope this helps


Answered 8th Oct 2017

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