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Velux window installation repair verses roof repair


When we moved to our new home we knew the roof needed some minor repairs but now that it is autumn weather we have noticed that the velux window has a nasty draft and after speaking with Velux they explained that the draft was due to poor installation.

Is it likely to find someone who can be both a Velux window experienced installer and a roofer? I would imagine that it would be cost effective to get both job done together or would it be best to do job separately? I understand that the velux installation must be done by an experienced velux window supplier but Im thinking that it will be difficult to find a roof fitter who is also experienced in velux window installation. Any information would be appreciated.

Vellum window is situated in our bedroom. We live in a mid terraced.


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most quality roofers will be able to correctly fit a velux window, by the sound of it you have only spoken to velux and no one has visited to look at the window,
sorry but the last thing velux are going top say is our window is faulty or the draught proofing has past its best by date so of course they take the easy option and blame the fitter to make their product look good, while velux do do a good product it has to pass through many hands before you finally get it on site and its not the first time I have returned a damaged unit back to the supplier.

good luck alex


Answered 6th Oct 2017

As above said , almost every roofer should be competent to fit a velux window and also should be able to do the insulation for you . Stating the obvious here but it would be cheaper to get both done at the same time by the same person .


Answered 10th Oct 2017

Again as above a competent roofer should really be knowledgeable about every type of roof window weather it be velux , Fakro or key light etc etc


Answered 27th Jun 2019

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