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When it rains heavy and especially in windy conditions, we have water coming in to loft but from under floorboards not from roof, what is causing this?

Our house is semi detached and we are on a corner of a cresent, so get the brunt of rain/wind. The water leaks are coming in to our bedroom, which is at the front of the house, the main leak is in ceiling at a corner point, near window. The other leak is about 1.5 meter further in from the other leak, in middle of ceiling, there is a slight crack in the ceiling surface which is where this leak is coming from. The loft has been checked and the insulation is wet under floor boards and water can be seen coming in from side of house. We had guttering and boards replaced 3yrs ago.

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It sounds like the water is finding its way in at eaves level at the corner,if you have a hip end roof it could be the lower ridges that have cracks in the cement,if a gable end roof try checking the gable tiles and cement.The water coming in the centre of the ceiling could just be tracking from the same area as the corner one


Answered 31st Dec 2011

could be any number of reasons for your leak, whole/ crack in the underfelt,broken /cracked roof tile ,gutter felt worn, fillets missing,bad pointing,
without looking at the problem it is very difficult to say exactly what is causing the leak.

your best bet is post it on the roofing section of the site and get a local expert out to diagose the problem/solution

best of luck alex


Answered 14th Dec 2011

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