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Why would the elecs keep tripping lights and sockets

Only two lights stay on in the full house everything else goes off some one was sent out by the landlord and said there is Nowt wrong my sister unplugged some things and it still did it 3 times within 10min of it started the first time

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From what you describe the two lights that stay on are probably on a non RCD protected circuit. The other circuit or circuits that are tripping out, almost certianly areaffcted by a Neutral to Earth fault.

As the other reply has stated, this could be one of your appliances, e.g. fridge, washing machine, kettle etc or it could be a fault on the circuit.

If the landlord is saying that the wiring is ok and is safe then he/she should be able to provide the test certificate for the installtion.

Best way forward is to unplug everything you have plugged into a socket, so nothing is connected at all. If the RCD does not trip, then go round and plug each item in again one by one to see which appliance trips the circuit. This should identify what item of equipment is faulty.


Answered 14th Dec 2011

This could be various things , if it happens occasionally then the likelyhood is its an appliance plugged in to the socket which then trips the rcd during operation ( due to fault or overload ) . If it was an actual circuit fault then the rcd would operate instantaniously of the relevant switchgear being operated . Process of elimination would be required . When it trips out unplug all likely appliances ( iron , toaster , kettle , etc ) turn 1 appliance back on and operate , wait a while , repeat with next appliance , wait a while , turn on next appliance , etc . If not a fault on appliance then will be power overload of that particular circuit ( too much plugged in ) .If in doubt get a registered electrician( check his credentials ) and with simple diagnosis / testing this should be rectified in no time . thanks wayne soppitt


Answered 14th Dec 2011

Both the previous answers are the way forward


Answered 20th Dec 2011

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