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I bought a 1930’s detached home and had it fully refurbished. The survey said there were high damp readings in most of the ground floor walls, but there were no visible signs of damp anywhere and the previous owner had lived there for 50 years. The walls have been skimmed in multi-finish and painted (in water-based emulsion) and since then, damp has slowly been appearing on nearly all my downstairs walls. What’s bizzare is that it’s mostly on internal walls. I never thought this could happen. Any ideas? I know the house has a DPC - I can see it. The walls mostly affected are the ones in the passageway - the floor in the passageway is concrete and the floors in the rooms either side are floor boarded. Thanks

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Hi there. i'm Aaron from Cromwell Plastering Services. You could have what i think are 'Cold spots' which is damp areas but is caused basically by debris landing on the old brick ties over the years. This debris eventually bridges the exterior brick to the interior brick and the allowing the moisture to gallop across to the plaster. This is why you may have the damp spots appearing in the middle of the wall. Really the only way to find out is to get a survey done and make sure you get the person to use a beroscope endesope camera to view into the cavity.
Alternatively if a damp-proof course has already been done in the property? Sometimes if the damp is quite heavy it can rise higher above the damp creating 'floating damp' of which the damp proof material must be taken a foot higher and so on until the damp can no longer rise above.


Answered 5th Oct 2017

If there is dpc under the walls it could be just lack of ventilation


Answered 5th Oct 2017

Without looking at the issue it is impossible to say what is causing it, their can be so many different reason your best bet is post it on the site and get a local expert round to asses the cause/cost.
Get one that specialises in older properties.


Answered 6th Oct 2017

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