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I live in a 2 story block of flats, outside my living room patio window is the a single story downstairs flats living room roof. I can walk on the roof of the this room, i am considering using it as an area to hand washing/ garden table with chairs. The floor in my flat is concrete, and room to the downstairs flat is level with my living room, how can i find out if the roof which has felt laid on at the moment will support, the load of up to 5 people as well as the furniture. I am not sure if its concrete or wood.


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Hi mrmo_11, the roof of the extension is likely to be timber joists with a 19mm plywood deck and insulation on top and it's highly unlikely that it has been designed to take the weight of people walking on it. You would need to find out the height of these joists, the quality of the timber (C16 or C24), how far apart the joists are spaced, the distance they are spanning and get a Structural Engineer to do a calculation for you.

I think the main thing to check is whether you have permission to use your neighbour's roof as a terrace. I hope this helps.

Answered 13th Dec 2011

Architectural Services

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the roof will probably be either sterling board or ply board, their should be plans for the building with your local planning department which would have been lodged their at the time of the build these should tell you what size beams have been used to support the roof , which in turn will tell you if it can support the weight you want to put on it.
of course as it is not your roof you will require permission preferably in writing from the roof owner
before you do anything on their roof.

best of luck alex

Answered 13th Dec 2011

ADR Property Maintenance

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You'd have to hire a surveyor/structual engineer to be 100% long as you have permission to use the roof. Doubt felt will be adequate covering though.

Answered 13th Dec 2011

Rebel Carpenter

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I wouldnt even consider this.Far too many things to consider.The main one being it most definetly would not be safe to put 5 people and furniture on.If it were suitable for use as a terrace/balcony,wouldnt it have been one from the outset?

Answered 14th Dec 2011

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

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