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Ideally i would love a loft conversion as a bedroom. The cost of this is currently out of my reach.

There is a company online that will do a non habitable loft conversion for a few grand (inc window, loft ladder, insulation, electrics, flooring etc). This would be useful as could use as storage along with a small office.

What would be ideal is if i could start off with non habitable and then later make it habitable. The company in question suggested this would be expensive as to make the room pass the regulations for a bedroom would require ripping most of the original stuff out.

Any clever ideas how i can get round this?

Many thanks


2 Answers from MyBuilder Loft Conversion Specialists

Unfortunately there aren’t any easy ways around it, there are processes that need to be followed including engaging a structural engineer and architect and working with building control in order to have a habitable loft space, you could try to save the materials to save some of the cost but other than that you’re stuck I’m afraid.


Answered 3rd Oct 2017

Hi if you're looking for a loft conversion there is no cheap way around it really, our company does offer a structural loft which completes all the first fix side of the loft conversion i.e fitting steels building dormer reinforcing the roof etc etc, maybe your best bet would be to get something like this done then save up to finish it next year


Answered 16th Oct 2017

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