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Laminate flooring in kitchen - under units or up to?

I am in process of fitting a new kitchen and am going to lay laminate flooring.

I have been given two views on this - one said to lay it across the whole floor and put the units on top to ensure level base. The other said to position units first and only run flooring up to the unit legs.

Laying whole floor seems easier for me, but keen to get some views.


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Hi. My view would be to run it up to the legs. Laminate flooring is a floating floor and will have some 'give' with the underlay. Base units are better positioned on a solid floor. How level the sub floor is shouldn't be an issue as each unit will have legs that are individually adjustable, so a run of units can be adjusted to a uniform level.

Answered 2nd Oct 2017

Timothy David Interiors

Member since 24 Jul 2017

Run it up to the legs .

Answered 2nd Oct 2017

John Forde Plumbing

Member since 29 Aug 2017

Run it up to the legs as the other tradesmen stated. There should be no fixed static weight on a floating floor.
If you have any problems with the floor your warranty will be void as it has been incorrectly fitted.

Answered 6th Oct 2017

Perfection Flooring

Member since 18 Sep 2012


Run it up to the legs and trim plinths & kick boards. You still want the floor to be free floating.

More to the point, when you fancy a change of floor or need to take it up for a leak etc. It's a nightmare to get out when fully fitted underneath

Hope this helps

Answered 31st Oct 2017

LSJ Floorworks

Member since 2 Sep 2014

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