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Single extension at the back

Hi, I have already 3m extension at the rear, and can I take it up to 6m by adding an extra 3m to it without demolishing the existing extension?

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Yes you can usually extend it with no issues, the only thing to remember is that when doing so there may be some alterations to any wall or fixtures to the area you wish to extend on to.

It can be possible sometimes to also use some of the materials that are taken out depending on the quality of them when doing so.

If there are any steel works in the existing that may be in the way of the new extension then they would have to be calculated if that were the case.

If you are asking about building on top of an existing extension then this will be slightly different as the footings need to be suffice and the structure to take the weight etc.

But all in all neither of these is really an issue!

Regards, Steve


Answered 30th Sep 2017

of course you can.On the groundwork side I would suggest you tie new footings to the older extension. You will probably find all drainage would need to be moved and it is likely a new soak away would need to be dug 5mtrs away from extension. Again without looking at the site can not give specifics. Then depending on the structure i.e timber frame or brick/block you should have no issues.

Kind Regards


Answered 1st Jan 2018

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