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Flickering led lights

We recently purchased new lights for our living room. The lights are Dimmable and we had to change our light switch so it was compatible.
However the lights flicker when on full power and only stop when the lights are dimmed.
Is this usual?

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Hi, this is a very common problem, usually it's flickering LEDs on low power, but it's down to the compatibility of lights and dimmers, this inevitably means money but is very important, check the total wattage of the LEDs and then tell your supplier to get the right dimmer, remember if you have very few lights they probably won't work. Hope this helps.


Answered 30th Sep 2017

Hi, this is a common problem with dimmable LED's, unfortunately it means that the dimmer you have purchased is not compatible with your LED bulbs, in my experience the best dimmer on the market for all types of LED bulb is a Varilight V pro dimmer switch, they are fully programmable to suit any bulb and you can adjust the maximum/minimum dimming setting to prevent flickering of the bulbs at minimum/maximum dim.
Hope this helps,


Answered 30th Sep 2017

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