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I have an electric immersion heater (3kw) which has stopped heating water

Our electic Immersion heater stopped heating water approx 2 months ago, this was around the same time we discovered a quite serious leak coming from the back of the bathroom sink, which is located next to the cubby where the heater is held, and also where the pipes from the tank run to bathroom and kitchen

We assumed the 2 events couldn't be co-insidence and hoped that after fully drying the area out and replacing the fuse to the immersion it may work again but this hasn't happened.

It was only 18 months ago that we had a new element and thermostate fitted and i'm at a loss

I'd like to call someone out but first i'd like some advice, thanks!

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Hi Chinrey, there are several posiibilities as to why the immersion heater does not work which may or may not be connected with the leak.

Firstly if the fuse for the immersion heater blew when the old element faulted and it has not been replaced, then no electricity is getting to the new element to heat the water, so first thing really is to check the fuse at the consumer unit (fusebox) and if fitted the one at the immersion heater switch next to the cylinder.

If its not a fuse then its possible that the thermostat, or flexible lead that connects the switch to the element has a loose connection somewhere. Be aware that the cable would be live when the switch is on, so Isolate safely before using any screwdriver etc.

If connections are tight, then either the switch on the wall or the new element/thermostat is faulty. Really need a test meter here to check insulation resistance and continuity of the element etc. If all the above are OK then it can only really point to water damage to the cable somewhere along the route from the fusebox to the immersion heater switch?

Hope this helps.


Answered 14th Dec 2011

All new Elements and thermostats now have an overheat protective thermostat with (quite often) a reset button so first look for that after safe isolation of the circuit take off the immersion heater cap look for the reset button push it in and with luck the immersion will work again.
do not cover with clothes make sure they are on a shelf 50mm above the imersion if possible check the main stat is set at 60-65 or less.
hope this helps
if not do as Electrical Safety services says


Answered 19th Dec 2011

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