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Smells coming into my home

Hi for quiet some time now i have has smells coming into my home from somewhere. They vary in strength but mainly seem to be cooking smells. 2 years a go i had a new kitchen fitted it is an extension that butts onto my neighbours kitchen extension with both original sloping slate roofs then flat roofs extended. i had my ceiling dropped and re done just wondering if something wasn't put back right?. The smells are mainly in my bathroom and in my hallway sometimes in my bedroom. All my windows are shut during the day when i am at work. Spoke to neighbour and her kitchen ceiling is in a poor state and her cooker is on my side of the wall with an extraction hood filter type. Any ideas who i should get to look at it? Is it potentially dangerous? I am guessing it could be fumes carbon monoxide or other. What can i do to stop it or at least try and find out where it is coming from i.e anything obvious to look at like the chimney breast the main house roof space etc?

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first things first, a carbon monoxide alarm today,....then call in a builder that can check ventilations etc to find the root cause


Answered 3rd Oct 2017

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