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IF i am changing what is already there do i need building regs on a old utility room,however i am adding a shower,heating,new windows and 2 more lights

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Hi there the answer would be no, as it is existing, and you can add what you wish as well as windows as long as they are fitted according to standard.

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Answered 16th Mar 2011

Hello nsd67. You have to notify Building Control so as it is special locations.Here is two options for you: 1.If it do approved contractor him will notify BC by himself.
2.If you going to do it by yourself or by not approved electrician, BC should be notified before works start. But my advise employ qualified electrician,it will be safe and by latest regulations.

P.S That answer about electrical works only I'm not sure about rest


Answered 17th Mar 2011

You need regs for the windows and the heating.
You don't need plans, you can do it on a building notice.
Check with the Building Control Officer.


Answered 16th Mar 2011

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