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Tiles at gable end nailed down

We've had a roof contractor look at our roof and he says the tiles at the gable end are nailed down. He says this is a bad thing and not the normal practice. Is this correct? Do I need to have them redone? Thank you

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Tiles are nailed on gable end and verges to reduce risk of a gust of wind taking them off


Answered 27th Sep 2017

No tiles should be naild down as it stoped them coming off I hope this helps you


Answered 27th Sep 2017

As a minimum all perimeter tiles must be nailed in accordance with the British Standard BS 5534. The actual tiling specification is determined by a number of factors such as the location of the property and the type of tile being fitted. It is now good practice to nail or clip every tile on the roof due to an increase in extreme weather.

I am not quite sure how this contractor managed to identify that the gable tiles are nailed but I can only assume that some of the tiles are loose. However, without seeing your roof it is hard to say whether or not any work needs doing. I recommend that you have another company inspect your roof. I hope that this is helpful


Answered 7th Oct 2017

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