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Building a driveway up 6 brick high

Hi we're building a drive way up about 6 bricks high. We have built our trench but before we concrete it we've come into some difficulty. As we have finished building the trench we've noticed quite a bit of sand around the area, so the bottom of the trench is hard mud but the sides are mud and sand is this safe to build on? Please help

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You need clay really at the bottom but the hard mud should br ok and the trench should be 150mm deep the sand at the side of the trench is ok. You should not raise your drive above your dpc of the house though ad this will allow damp to penetrate


Answered 25th Sep 2017

make sure you mix the concrete strong and compact the trench. make sure you do not raise your driveway higher than your dpc, because this can lead to damp inside the property.


Answered 7th Jan 2019

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