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Super glue in our key hole

sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.....twice now we have returned home and our front door key wont insert into the lock. We called the same locksmith twice to change the lock and provide new keys . He told us the second time he thinks someone is putting super glue in our key hole.We are aware that a local person with a grudge has smashed our windows and cut our tires . The police told us to instal a security camera but that is out of financial range at the minute. However, replacing tires, glass and paying locksmith 150 pounds a pop and not knowing how to prevent this is very stressful. The worst is not being able to open front door .Is there a system where front door cant be tampered with? Any advise very grateful

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Hi. I would recommend as a deterrent to add dummy security cams if a proper cctv is out of you budget. A mechanical Digital Lock would only be goo if you had a wooden door. To go for a keyless system lock like the Yale would cost you the same to probably get a wooden door installed.


Answered 15th Oct 2018

If you heat up your key with a blowtorch place it in the lock and draw out the key, the heat of the key will attract the glue keep wiping the glue from the key with a damp rag, repeat process untill lock turns


Answered 6th Dec 2018

If you cant stretch to a cctv system it might be worth fitting a couple of dummy cameras which are cheap to buy and very realistic. This will probably be enough to stop anyone tampering with your lock. I am assuming it is a UPVC door. If it is wooden you could fit a deadlock which is more difficult to tamper with.


Answered 3rd Oct 2017

A diggie lock which does not require keys it has a code or a keyless lock is a more advanced variation of a diggie lock also there are locks that open with a fob


Answered 12th Oct 2017

The best solution would be a digital lock, they may cost a little more on outlay but they are extremely hard to tamper with, Yale do a keyless system for around £250 were your smartphone is your key, it would be well worth investing in something like that


Answered 17th Oct 2017

Amazon are selling fake security cameras for as little as £9.99 only installation required is 1 screw or a sticky pad.
I think a well place camera will stop anyone placing glue in the lock.
Good luck!


Answered 9th Dec 2018

Dumby cameras are only cheap and do make people think twice I would advise getting a couple and assess the situation after a couple of weeks.


Answered 18th Jul 2019

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