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Daylight between the supporting wall and new roof

Hi I have just had my roof re-roofed (small two bed terraced house) I see daylight at the supporting walls and the roof and around the eves. Is this normal. It is unlikely to cause water inlet, but could allow small birds and wasps to make nets.
Please respond I need advice with builder dispute. I think that the roof should be fully sealed and one should not see any daylight in the loft.

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without looking at the roof its impossible to tell if its properly sealed
you have now put on a breathable membrane which can let light through at the edges depends if the membrane has gone over onto the neighboring roof & tiles are covering the adjoining wall,
in regards to letting small birds or wasps in it is impossible to seal the the roof where no insect will be able to enter your roof, you roof must breathe to stop rot and as such must be vented to allow air flow , the fact their is air flow means their is access for wasps ,bees, and small birds you just make it harder for them but if they want in they will always find a way.

good luck Alex


Answered 24th Sep 2017

I agree with Alex, the old felt would most probably been bituminous type underlay allowing no light through therefore with a breather felt you will see light through it. There is only one breather felt on the market which requires no extra ventilation and i very much doubt this has been used so like Alex has said there will be gaps for ventilation which will let light in and will be a route for insects if they choose. Hope this helps Richard


Answered 26th Sep 2017

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