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How to permanently stop weed from growing between block paving

Is there a way to permanently stop weed from growing through?

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I recommended jet washing the paving and then resanding and sealing the paving with thompsons sealer, It comes in 5 litres drums and you apply it using a roller, you can just apply this without jet washing it. I recommend two coats of sealer to be applied and once this is done every so often keep spraying weed killer in the joints. This will be a very efficient way of stopping them coming through.


Answered 24th Sep 2017

You can use a no more nails silicone it is flexible and waterproof and it makes it difficult for the weeks to come back you can buy it in wicks or B&q


Answered 24th Sep 2017

To stop weeds coming up through your patio we recommend a weed stop system. T-ram is quite good and can be bought at your local builders merchants, I use a system called copper stop. It is a carpet like material which can be put down under the concrete base or sand base and has Millions of copper wires that stop weed growth and redirect roots away. It also has a chemical which keeps rebounding the roots away. I hope this helps


Answered 24th Sep 2017

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