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How to change the way my upvc front door opens and locks,

currently the door allows you to open from the outside without a key just by pushing the handle down, but from inside the house you need a key to open the door. basically i need them swapped round and want to know how. ok Watson you were rite about the design of the door i tried swapping the two bars around but it made no difference. any other ideas????????

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depending on the gearing.
take the handle off and the lock out then take all the screws holding the gearing to the door(be careful when taking the screws out some gearings have fine thread screws holding the hooks on make sure you dont undo them.
then once you have the fearing out where the square bars go through you should see a elongated hole with a small roller pin in there.
the roller will be over to one side you have to push it to the other.
get a screw driver and push it across you may have to tap it with a hammer but be careful you dont knock it out.
then replace the gearing handle and lock.
i dont agree with watson.
i see you have taken the handle off, when you did was there 1 square hole or 2?
im guessing 1 as you have 2 halves of spindle.
you have to take the gearing off the door

if you copy and paste this link there will be a picture, in the picture by the square hole you will see an elongated hole in that hole there is a split pin you need to tap this flush with the metal plate inside the gearing.
it will be sticking out more one side than the other, tap it with a flat head screw driver but not too hard as you don't want to know it out.
i hope this helps.


Answered 10th May 2011

It sounds as though the door has been fitted the wrong way round .
On the handle there should be two screws if you remove these the handles should come off and you will see a square bar that's split in two and usually has a spring.
One of the two pieces of square bar should be slightly longer than the other.
Try fitting the bars the opposite to what they are now i.e the longer piece where the short piece currently is and vice versa.
This may sort it out.

Are the handles identical?


Answered 26th Sep 2011

you will need a euro style key cylinder ,on the edge of the door there will be a screw near the lock undo and pull the existing cylinder out and replace with a new one that has a key lock on both sides (these cylinder will be approx £15 inc vat fron a hardware store)


Answered 16th Mar 2011

i agree with watson. someone has put the split spindle in the wrong way round.


Answered 2nd May 2011

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