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Would you need scaffolding to repair bungalow roof?

Would you need scaffolding or would ladder/platform be sufficient? I consider this to be a small job, replacing a piece of rotten timber at front left side of bungalow, refelting etc. Other repairwork which has been carried out on the roof hasn't needed scaffolding. I would appreciate some advice as the cost of scaffolding wasn't even considered in my costings. Thank you.

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as far as health and safety at work is concerned yes, so really depends on the tradesman who is doing the work for you and how much he values his health. if re felting the roof building regs will require scaffolding to be able to check the job,
scaffolding costs will depend on the size of the area requiring scaffold and the area the job is in as costs will vary from area to area.

good luck Alex


Answered 20th Sep 2017

Always take the safest option. If you or a tradesperson got injured on your premises or worse you probably would pay anything to turn back time.
There will be a tradesman who will take the risk. I'm sure it would be easier and faster for tradesperson to work from scaffolding and you will get a better job as he can use two hands as he wont have to hold on to the ladder.


Answered 21st Sep 2017

If this is just a repair to your roof and not a total 're roof other options than having it scaffold are using a mobile tower which can be hired from most hire shops which should work out cheaper


Answered 21st Sep 2017

Most defently health and safety comes first and allso to get proper view of full roof to get the job done properly


Answered 20th Sep 2017

Yes scaffolding is always the safest option makes the job a lot more easier and safer for you and your colleagues also makes the job a lot more easier to do


Answered 21st Sep 2017

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