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QuestionWhen I empty my bathroom sink or flush the loo water comes up through the shower plug hole? The loo also fills up quite a bit as does the downstairs loo?

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Sounds like its backing up. You probably have the sink waste pipe going into the shower waste pipe. I would run a seperate waste for the shower, basin,into the soil stack, and check out your soil stack for your loo, sounds like a possible blockage.

Tomlinson Roofing 15th Mar, 2011

You will probally find that your main drain(manhole) maybe blocked or in need of a clean.I would recommend using a high pressure water jetting machine to restore pipework to full flow.

RCB plumbing 15th Mar, 2011

If it has just started happening i would assume you have a blockage somewhere,could be a open vent problem,hope that helps nick

renorite 16th Mar, 2011

it seems that your soil pipe might be blocked

MAC Refurbishment 16th Mar, 2011

you will probably find the main access chamber is blocked { man hole !} it normally can be easilycleared with i good rodding [ plunger on a rod] much cheaper than jetting ! hope that helps

michael d eldrett heating services 16th Mar, 2011

Difficult one to pinpoint without actually visiting. However if the you are getting water coming up through the waste of the shower when you either flush the toilet or empty the wash hand basin, then it sounds like the plumbing of the waste pipe for the shower does not have a sufficient fall (gradient) on it to stop back flow.

You may even have a blockage somewhere if your toilets are backing up when you flush, get somebody out to have a look. A decent plumber will soon be able to ascertain the problem and find a solution for you.

Pure Building and Plumbing 15th Mar, 2011

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