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What is the correct order for removing radiator?

Anonymous user 18 September 2017 - 12.02 PM

What is the correct order for removing radiator? Do I first turn off the valves (turn clockwise using spanner) then loosen the nuts one at a time to drain water or do i loosen the nuts first and then turn off valves? And when do I open bleed valve with key – should i do this first to release pressure?

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ok you should turn the rad valves of first and then loosen the nuts but you will get water coming out as you remove the radiator because there is water in it if its a small rad then you can get your thumbs over either end of the rad valves to stop the water until you get it out side but be careful as this water can often be black and will stain the carpet the bleed valve is used to bleed air from the system when you reinstate the radiator (assuming you have an open vent system ?)


18 September 2017