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6ft, 2 brick x 2 brick brick pillar

I am building a brick pillar (2 bricks x 2 bricks), which will be 6ft high. This will be non load bearing. Do I need to fill the hollow inner with concrete, or can I leave it empty?

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It's always best to make it a solid pier for strength, fill in with concrete or bricks as you build.


Answered 17th Sep 2017

Before I start building, when I am putting the concrete footing in I put rebar in coming out of ground, then once I’m building my pier I put wall ties into brickwork on the rebar then pour concrete in just to really go over the top and make sure it is solid, and I follow that same step to the top of pier.


Answered 29th Apr 2020

I personally will always fill my piers with off cuts, rubble and 3 in 1 cement.


Answered 7th Sep 2020

if none load bearing ( supporting steel or lintel) then no need for concrete fill, if just decorative inside or out save yourself the money of extra concrete!


Answered 19th Sep 2017

Personally, fill it with bricks/mortar or concrete! It's always best to build with added strength!


Answered 19th Sep 2017

Always try to add stability to your wall where you can


Answered 19th Dec 2017

Yes I would definitely fill with concrete if you didn’t build it solid,


Answered 27th Feb 2018

as youre building your pier up. you should always make sure its filled up on the inside whether it be with half a brick, hardcore or muk as long as its solid you have done the right thing


Answered 12th Nov 2018

Always Fill Hollow Piers.. Strengthens The Pier, Fill With Cuts/Broken Brick And Left Over Cement..
Keeps The Wall Solid & Gives It Great Stability..


Answered 16th Jan 2019

Ideally you should feel all hollow spaces inside a pier to make it more stronger and if having any features on it it’ll be stable enough to hold it Etc. hanging gates


Answered 8th Feb 2019

Yes you should fill it and make it solid place wall ties out of it and then fill with concrete will give you a nice solid pier


Answered 4th Apr 2019

With a non load bearing pillar you wouldn’t need to fill it but personally i would, I fill all of the pillars I build for strength so that it gives you a good strength pillar to last you for years


Answered 26th Mar 2020

I think it’s always best to go that little bit over. So I would definitely fill it. Just for peace of mind.


Answered 9th Apr 2020

I always back fill with mortar as a lay easier quicker cleaner stronger ££££


Answered 11th Aug 2021

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