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Hard standing for car

I want to get the kerb dropped outside my house but need to have a hard standing area first, approx 6m by 7m. Not fussy about the materials just want to get the car off the road from under trees. Want a cheap hard standing as council have quoted £2743 to drop kerb due to bus stop and tree outside so need to keep any additional cost as low as poss, what materials do you recommend?

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There are a few measures you can take to keep your material costs down. If you want the cheapest cost for a finish driveway I would recommend usinga gravel finish. To do this you should install a type 1 mot base(minimum depth of 150mm) then install a top layer of gravel at a depth of 25mm for 10mm shingle. This will leave you with a firm gravel surface to walk over.
The very cheapest option would be to dig two trenches at the same wheelspan as your car and fill them with type 1 mot for your car to drive onto.


Answered 16th Sep 2017

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