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Kitchen floor tiling

just completed new kitchen extension..... should you install kitchen units first or floor tiles
if floor tiles should you tile complete floor or leave the units space empty

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In my opinion it's best to have the whole floor tiled. It gives you a more tidy place, easier to clean, and if you have a good tiler doing the job, you'll have a levelled surface and it will be easier for the kitchen fitter to do his job.
It's true, you save something if you decide to tile after you have the kitchen fitted, but then the tiler will have to be very careful when cutting around cabinets making sure not to leave gaps bigger than 1mm which then you will have to hide/cover applying some silicone (grouting only will not give you a nice finish), not to mention that the furniture might be damaged in the process.
For a better finish, and less things to worry about I recommend you to have the whole floor tiled.
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Answered 15th Sep 2017

MP Refurbishment

Member since 23 Jun 2017

Ideally is to have the whole floor tiled first for a good level that helps the kitchen fitters to do their job faster and second to have maintain it easier.
Plus a great seal at the edge it means that dust or kitchen mess wont reach behind the tiles under the cabinets on the existing floor concrete or wood floor.
Otherwise it can be done after but that means the tiler can reach around 150 mm or 100mm under the cabinets up to the legs or if he lift the legs up and unscrew them can reach more than 250 mm. Depends the hight of the cabinets.
But he needs to secure the whole cabinets underneath to tile witch is a precise job ( for at least 24 hours until the adhesive gets dry on slow set or 12 hours on fast set even if the fast set is drying in 2to 3 hours) depends the temperature.
I will suggest to tile the whole floor as per cost is not that significant and who know in the future maybe renovation will occur removing some cabinets.
Best way tile whole floor before the kitchen cabinets installation.

Answered 24th Sep 2017


Member since 19 Sep 2017

My personal opinion is to tile the whole floor. This helps stop any drafts and water possibly getting to floorboards.

Answered 5th Oct 2017

Mazdec Tiling Services

Member since 2 Jun 2017

I recommend you tile the whole floor before installing kitchen units, I know this would cost more for materials but for me as a tiler my price would be less because the job would take less time then it would if units were in place, it is also easier to keep clean and all edges could be sealed with silicone giving protection to sub base.

Answered 18th Jan 2018

Colin Mayo Tiling

Member since 16 Jan 2018

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