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What preparation is required for floor tiles

covering area 20x40 ft I have all tiles and adhesive and grout.

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if on concrete just sweep and remove and knobbly bits ,on floorboards lay ply first and screw down every 6 to 8 inches and use a flexible adhesive ,on tiles degrease first .


Answered 13th Dec 2011

Always make sure the floor area is free from dust.If floor is uneven, use a self leveling compound,to level out.Next step seal floor. I prefer to use either
Bal bond or unibond.Make sure you read diluting instructions Hope this helps Trevor.


Answered 13th Dec 2011

HI, make sure all of the floor is clear of any dust and paints or old glues, then plan out your tiles dry to see were lines and cut will end up. E & T property maintenance


Answered 13th Dec 2011

Remove any plinth you have under your kitchen units, remove all appliances, make sure the room is clear and give it a good sweep. If the floor is screed, Lay a large straight edge across the floor and check the floor is flat. If the floor is uneven use a self levelling compound. Before using that use a primer. Once the levelling compound has set use a tile primer then set out your floor. Always look to square of the units so the tiles look semetrical to the kitchen cupboards. If the floor is woodern you must over board with a minimum of 15 mm ply wood and screw it down with 100mm centres. There's also a newish product out called no more ply which does the same but is cheaper and not as thick. Google it to find where to get it. Hope this helps and good luck!


Answered 19th Dec 2011

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