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Options for a shallow pitched roof


We're in the process of planning an extension to the rear of our property, however, due to our thatched roof it would need to have a very shallow pitch. Our Architect has suggested zinc, but this is quite pricey so we were wondering if there was a cheaper alternative out there that someone has experience of??

Thanks for your time.

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Hi there,You can use a bold roll tile with the headlaps closed right in,if you visit your local roofing merchants they have booklets explaining the different headlaps for different pitch degrees for all pitched roofs.
Hope this helps and keeps your costs to a minimum.
Kind regards mike


Answered 13th Sep 2017


Zinc would be the higher end of the market when it comes to costly materials. If price wasn't a problem then id go with a traditional lead / copper mix to keep up with the aesthetics of a thatched property. There is however many variations of flat roofing products that could go on a roof like yours such as GRP, EPDM rubber and so on which on a warm roof would cost between 80 - 130 pmsq dependent on product and if the roofer was fitting insulation and boards.

For me though, lead and copper

Hope that helps



Answered 9th Mar 2019

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