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Leaking rad..not valve

Hi..we had a leaking radiator and though that valve is to blame. Bough a gas tape and started to unscrew valve to secure connection with gas tape.
As it seems, leak is not through the valve, but bit before it. Im not sure how you call that radiator part, but it is where both radiator walls are connected to the pipe, which later leads to valve. Although rad looks new, there was a rust on that one radiator part, so I presume leaking is there. I dont think that part can be replaced, as it seems to be solid part of radiator itself. Just wanted to check if you have come across issues like that. I presume I need to change all radiator.
Also.. earthing cable and metal plate was attached exactly to the place where rust and leaking is, if it makes difference.

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Plumber

Sounds like its part of the rad, in which case id replace it before it gets worse.


Answered 12th Sep 2017

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