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Flat roof how to fit it correctly?

Hello to everybody, can anybody to write how correctly to lay first sheet of flat and second sheet step by step please, thank you.

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in reality if you are having to ask for step by step instructions can only see this ending in disaster, do your self a favor and get an expert in to correctly seal your flat roof.

good luck Alex


Answered 11th Sep 2017

start by laying the tar on the roof at the front then stick the Felt down then put another layer aside it with a lap and continue layer after layer of the slope if you have one until the job is complete that will make it a water tight


Answered 23rd Sep 2017

If your looking to flat roof yourself I would advise maybe a firestone epdm rubber cover they come taylored to your roof with most suppliers even with out a trade account. with it being a one peice material with no joins you will have a far higher chance of creating a leak free diy flat roof. Easy step by step guides with the water based adhesive and contact adhesive are easy to use even for a keen diy'er
All the best


Answered 2nd Oct 2017

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