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Multipoint door hook stuck - door won't open

We have a solid wood (I think, anyway... it's wood and has no panels) front door with a multipoint door lock mechanism. It's the sort where you pull the door handle up to engage the top and bottom door hooks (and down to unlock) . Now however, when I pull the handle down, the bottom door hook sticks. This means we can't actually open the door. I've tried to push the lower door hook up with a knife blade without success.
Please, does anyone have any ideas how I might get the door open so I can replace the mechanism? Many thanks, in advance.

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It could be 1 of 2 things -

1. The bottom hook has slipped out of it's adjustable teeth (if it has them) which hold it in place for different size doors. If the teeth connected to the bottom hook are not in the right position, then lifting the handle will not bring the hook completely out for you to open the door.


2. If the locking mechanism is an 'all in one' then you have a problem within the bottom mech-box which holds the bottom hook. A slip of a cog or a broken spring maybe.

If you can't get the bottom hook up by sliding something in and pushing up, then the teeth or a slipped cog is in the way and your probably not going too.

The only way is to get a flat (crow) bar under the bottom (locking side) of the door and one into the side (about were the hook is) and lift up and over (remember, the hook needs to come out of its hole and then move past it).

You may struggle if your door is a solid wood door but if lady luck is on your side, it shouldn't take too long.

Other tips.

Get someone to wiggle the handle up and down as you lift, it may go back into place for you to open the door.

When lifting, see if the mechanism has a drop bolt which goes into the lower part of the frame. This will also need to come out of it's hole before you open the door. You maybe able to get a flat scrapper under it to block it's hole.

When you do get your door open you could unscrew the mechanism from the door and unscrew the bottom mech-box or remove the bottom hook from it's teeth to continue using the door mechanism until you get a new one.

Good Luck


Answered 5th Sep 2017

The way I have got over this in the past is by having someone lever the door open and then the other person can either tap the hook up or down depending on which way it goes just with a screwdriver forcing it back into the door so that the door can be opened.


Answered 5th Sep 2017



Answered 13th May 2019

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