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Timber rafter size

Hi, I have a Lean To conservatory which I want to change the roof to a light weight tile roof. The conservatory as timber rafter but need to be change, can someone please tell me what size new rafter to install?
W 5310mm x Projection 4440mm The roof as 6 x 2 rafter at present, is it possible to double them up.

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6X2 should be fine to use as rafters but you may want to put a purlin in to help support the rafters. If you're unsure always get advice from a structural engineer.


Answered 5th Sep 2017

Generally a 6 x 2 rafter will span approx 3000mm (10 feet). The steeper the pitch the longer it will span, it also depends on roofing material weight.
I would say it would not be suitable for your rafters without intermediate support (Purlin). If I understand your sizes correctly you won't get a timber purlin to span the clear width unless it is a laminated beam. Assuming you have support on the gable ends for the beam. Get it calculated.


Answered 6th Sep 2017

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