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Tarmac on concrete base

Current driveway has a thin layer (1 inch??) of red tarmac on top of a concrete base. Tarmac was done +20 years ago and is breaking along the edges & wearing thin in places to reveal the concrete base.

Some bloke knocked on the door to say he would re-tarmac. He also said that he would strip off the old tarmac and hot roll tarmac on top of the concrete (presumably another thin layer). I'm worried that it would simply break up because it wouldn't be more than an inch thick....presumably lasting a year or two until the 'warranty' was up. Any advice please?

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i personally would never tarmac on top of anything apart from proper sub base. for a standard domestic driveway, you need at least 70mm thick, consisting of 2 coats. 1st coat being the binding course. around 40/50mm thick. then wearing course. thickness of around 20/30mm
the sub base should really be a good 100/150mm thick aswell


Answered 31st Aug 2017

A base that is 20 years old ... all needs to come out and start again.
150mm sub base
65mm base tarmac
30-35mm surface course
Edging border set to level would finish it off nicely as well.


Answered 21st Nov 2017

You should dig out complete area lay a type one hardcore foundation compact with a roller and 2 coats of tarmac first should be a 10 mill Bass tarmac then followed with a 6 mill Finnish coat I advise to have a edge around tarmac set in concrete for strength and support and it would Finnish it off


Answered 23rd Oct 2018

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