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Flat roof question

Current felt type flat roof over ground floor extension needs replacing and most likely underneath also as has been leaking.

What would be the best material to replace it with - not bothered about very long guarantee as will probably sell the property in a couple of years so 10 years OK. Confused as to the various types of materials and obviously cost is a factor to consider.

Thanks for advice.

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It's down to personal preference really, different Roofing contractors offer different products that they use. For instance I would say a PVC single ply is the best covering which has a 20year warranty but is also one of the most expensive. If you're looking for a cheap job the easiest would be a three layer felt system which most contractors offer a 10year warranty with this.

There's a huge amount of roof coverings on the market to be honest, some people swear by GRP or fibreglass. Your best bet is to get a local Roofing contractor round to talk you through some of the options available and show you samples etc.

Hope this helps.


Answered 30th Aug 2017

Yes there are lots of different types of roof covering available today myself I would recommend e.p.d.m firestone rubber it comes with a twenty years warranty and it is very cost effective compared to felt it's slightly more expensive but don't forget when you go to sale the property it will make a big difference when you show them that it's still got a lot of warranty left .


Answered 1st Sep 2017

Yes I would also recommend either epdm or pvc. The fleecebacked epdm we use has a minimum 20 year guarantee, it is cold applied so no flames involved, environmentally friendly, comes in wider rolls so less seams (laps) & unlike most pvc's doesn't require separate flashings around perimeters ur upstands. Also comes with edge trims to suit existing fascias etc.


Answered 19th Sep 2017

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