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Cost effective structure to retain a paved block driveway/car standing space

I have a paved block driveway/hard standing for 2 cars which has moved after the new next door neighbours removed a retaining wooden sleeper which was on (my side of) our boundary. (The previous next door neighbours had placed the wooden sleeper there with my permission before I had the driveway blocked paved so that they could build a wooden decked area on their side of their property). The neighbours property is some 6 inches lower than my block paved driveway. New neighbours have now put wooden sleeper back where it was & it has been propped/pegged it but I still have a driveway that has moved and fear it will move again because there is only a 9 inch wide (x 5 metres) wooden structure holding my block paving in place (which is on my side on the boundary and thus have this space to play with when constructing a new retaining structure).
My driveway goes straight onto the road (there is no pavement) and I'm reluctant to have a raised brick retaining wall built along our boundary to the end of my drive for fear that it will get accidentally damaged by passing vehicles on the road.
I therefore want the most economic but efficient & effective way to support and stop my my raised block paving moving in the future and also for the structure not to get damaged by passing vehicular traffic in the future.
Your suggestions would be grateful. Thank you

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It sounds like the blocks were laid on just a sand base. The borders should always be laid on concrete. This stops spread. You have an additional problem in that your drive is higher than your neighbour. Lift the sleeper. Dig a trench and fill with concrete. Insert bars into the underside of the sleeper and push them into the wet concrete. The concrete will hold the bars which in turn will hold the sleeper in place.


Answered 27th Aug 2017

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