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Kitchen fitting

This is the scenario:
- new extension has been built to in fill a side return. Plans state where kitchen is to be positioned. Walls on left hand side jut out slightly past the pillar which supports the beams so walls either side of beams aren't level with each other.
- kitchen company attended to survey whilst walls haven't been plastered , and beams haven't been boxed in (as per project managed schedule of works) they measure length and width and advise on boiler positioning.
- we come to fit kitchen (not using builders) and it emerges that the walls aren't level with each other and so kitchen is at an angle (which obv looks terrible)

Who's responsibility was it to check the walls could take the kitchen?
Builder, kitchen company, project management company each denying responsibility.

Any opinions gladly received!

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Extension Builder

Hi usually a plasterer would level out your walls with an undercoat plaster for you to fit your kitchen then plaster various bits that were going to be showing from your schedule. Its a bit back to front to have kitchen fitted before plastering works as we are nice guys but very messy. can you send me some pictures perhaps i could see a way round it for you.


Answered 25th Aug 2017

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