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Hi! I've got a small set of concrete steps up to my front door. Two of them have essentially got risers that are too low, meaning a biiiiiig step up and down from the top step from my uPVC door (with the annoying bottom bit of the frame). Frankly it's a massive trip hazard. I want to make a frame and pour some concrete to make the steps the right height. How do I do this and make the new concrete bind well to the old? I'd like to avoid fully replacing the steps if I can.


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you should use SBR added to a cement slurry to apply to the two steps to be raised. The build a shutter to pour the concrete mixed 4:1 set at the right heights to create equal height steps.
The SBR slurry give good adhesion to the existing concrete and unlike PVA is not affected by weather and moisture once cured. Too many times I hear armature builders recommend PVA which actually can have an adverse affect under many circumstances.


Answered 24th Aug 2017

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